Media Malaysia and Indonesia should take advantage of Nusantara to strengthen the network of bilateral cooperation

Lichong handing over his book *Nusantara, Jiran Sepulau* to Edy Rahmayadi at the conference.


MEDAN (Indonesia}: The relocation of the capital city of Indonesia from Jakarta to East Kalimantan, called Nusantara, should be utilised by Malaysian and Indonesian media, to strengthen the bilateral cooperation network.

The Sabah Utusan Borneo Editor-in-Chief, Lichong Angkui, therefore suggested that collaboration be established between the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) and the Malaysian Journalists Association (PWM) which was still at the establishment stage.

For the time being, he said, cooperation could be strengthened through the Malaysian-Indonesian Association of Friends of Journalists (ISWAMI) in both countries.

ISWAMI Malaysia was led by former BERNAMA Editor-in-Chief, Datuk Mokhtar Hussain, while ISWAMI Indonesia was led by veteran figure, Asro Kamal Rokan.

Lichong was met here after meeting with Sumatera Utara Gubernur, Edy Rahmayadi at the opening of media conference in conjunction with the Indonesian National Press Day (HPN) rally.

Lichong, who is also a member of ISWAMI Malaysia said the move of the Indonesian capital to Kalimantan geographically brought the relationship between the two countries closer.

“The media of both countries should see this closeness in the context of cooperation in the exchange of information, news material, and the like.

“This is because the move will also bring side issues between countries such as manpower, migration, smuggling, among others.

“Thus, the role of the media in dealing with such issues is very important in order to maintain good relations between the two countries,” he said while stressing that ISWAMI played many such roles during its establishment.

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