Being multilingual is an advantage for an elected representative of the people


SANDAKAN: Multilingual fluency gives an elected representative the advantage of being an effective communicator.


In a multiracial society, the ability to communicate fluently in a variety of languages and dialects will add a personal touch for an elected representative in dealings with constituents.

At the Kim Fung Night Market here, over 200 members of the audience applauded GRS candidate Lau Chi Keong @ Thomas Lau who spoke in Malay, English, Mandarin and Cantonese during the “ Perhimpunan Malam Belia” programme on Saturday.

“Being multilingual has enabled me to approach Sandakan voters of various races and ethnicities to foster rapport and this is one key element to strengthen my service delivery if they vote me as their member of parliament,” Lau said.

Replying to questions about his age and health, Lau replied he is aware that being a people’s representative comes with heavy responsibilities and he is ever ready to carry out the tasks if given the mandate.

“Although 73, I still have the energy and my age is not an obstacle for me to shoulder the responsibilities because what is important is my dedication and commitment to serve the people,” Lau said.

Lau said he is ready to devote his time to serve the people of Sandakan if they give him the mandate on Nov 19.

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