GRS candidate Lau helped solve our problem, says seafood restaurant owner

SANDAKAN: Seafood restaurant owner Lam Yuk Fai revealed that he started to take interest in politics after he met GRS P186 Sandakan candidate Lau Chi Keong @ Thomas Lau.


“I have never been interested in politics until I met Lau,” Lam said at his restaurant where Lau held a political talk on Wednesday afternoon.

Lam said he approached Lau on the streetlight problem in the Sim-Sim neighbourhood after his appeal to incumbent elected representatives of Sandakan got nowhere.

I was amazed by the quick response from Lau in resolving the issue for Sim-Sim residents unlike the incumbent elected representatives who conveniently pushed aside the matter, Lam added.

As voters, we should choose a candidate that listens to our grouses and take initiatives to find solutions, and I am more convinced than ever to support Lau based on his ability to resolve issues promptly for the people, Lam said.

Meanwhile, GRS P186 Sandakan candidate Lau Chi Keong told the audience at the political talk (ceramah), he has been helping Tanjong Papat to resolve problems concerning public facilities in the constituency.

After my appointment as Tanjong Papat Chinese Community Leader (Kapitan) in December 2021, I received many complaints from constituents on faulty basic amenities and had since attended to the cases promptly, Lau said.

“I will be able to further serve the Sandakan people and address their problems more effectively and efficiently if I am elected as a Member of Parliament by Sandakan voters,” Lau who is SAPP vice president said.

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