Libaran BN candidate satisfied with election machinery performance

SANDAKAN : Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Libaran Parliament, Datuk Suhaimi Nasir is satisfied with the performance of the BN machinery entering the fourth day of the 15th General Election (GE-15) campaign.


According to him, the party machinery in the 17 Voting District Centers (PDM) that he had visited so far have carried out their respective duties well and in an organized manner.

The involved PDM include; Pamaguan, Batu Putih, Sungai Kayu, Tinusa 1, Batu 8 Jalan Labuk, Fajar, Merpati, Jalan Labuk, Sibuga, Sungai Batang, Padas, Dandulit, Jaya Bakti, Sungai Dusun and Batu 25 in addition to two sub PDMs namely Batu Putih and Tinusa.

“I am satisfied with the work of the machinery, but don’t be too comfortable. I want the machinery to continue to be consistent with their respective tasks so that we not only win in GE-15, but win with a bigger majority,” he said when visiting PDM Pamaguan in Libaran, on Tuesday.

In the meantime, he wanted the BN machinery and the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah  (GRS) machinery not to do any provocation, but rather to be open to each other in order to carry out the same task.

Suhaimi believes GRS will ensure their machinery works hard to help the BN candidates win in GE 15th.

“The GRS machinery at all levels has been ordered to be with the BN machinery to move together to carry out their duties ahead of voting day on November 19,” he said.

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