CI@UMS – USCCAKK organize the Land Below the Wind Talk-21 on October 30

KOTA KINABALU: The Confucius Institute Universiti Malaysia Sabah (CI@UMS) and the United Sabah Chinese Communities Association (USCCAKK) of Kota Kinabalu will joint organize the Land Below the Wind Talk-21 on October 30, 2022 (Sunday) at 9:00 pm.


The organizers have invited Mr. Wang Xing Song to deliver his talk entitled “The History and Culture of China’s CCCC Dredging”.

Wang Xing Song is the Executive Director of Culture Publication Department of CCCC Dredging Group, who is at present compiling a brief History of CCCC Dredging in China, which is the first general history regarding China’s dredging industry.

In this talk, Mr. Wang will discuss three topics related to the history and culture of China’s dredging industry.

First topic is the history of dredging in ancient China and the basic definition of dredging, such as widening or digging deep rivers and lakes, underwater earth and stone excavation works by manpower or machinery. Second topic is the history of modern dredging in China.

In this respect, CCCC Dredging is the pioneer, leader and promoter of modern dredging industry. It is a leading enterprise in China’s dredging industry.

In terms of the modern dredging history in China, CCCC Dredging comprised for 70 to 80 percent.

The history of modern dredging in China can be divided into three stages. The forming stage is from 1897 to 1949; follow by the development stage from 1949 to 2000 and continue to boom from 2000 to the present days. Finally, he will touch on the development of CCCC Dredging.

CCCC Dredging is a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. CCCC Dredging ranks 61st in the list of the “Fortune Global 500 Companies” published in 2021 Fortune Magazine. In addition, CCCC Dredging has the largest and most advanced dredging fleet in China nowadays, with a total of nearly 200 ships and an annual dredging capacity of over 800 million cubic meters, which is currently ranked first in the world.

This Land Below the Wind Talk is opened to the public free of charge. The talk will be conducted in Chinese. All are welcome to participate by scanning the QR code.

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