Shafie’s support for the GRS Assistant Minister’s defection smacks of hypocrisy

By Tanjong Papat State Assemblyman cum Chairman of DAP Sabah Datuk Poon Ming Fung @ Frankie:


SANDAKAN: Social media on 16th Oct 2022 reported the defection of a GRS Assistant Minister to Warisan .

I asked myself how could Party Hopping be encouraged after Parliament on 28th July 2022 voted in favour of Anti Hopping Law . Sabah local Party Warisan also voted in favour of it . The objective of the Law is meant to provide stability to the Government of the day .

It just showed how hypocritical the so called Local Party of Warisan is . Crying out local sentiments while at the same time doing the exact opposite. This truly shows the real face of Warisan. It appears that Warisan never had the intent to practice what it preaches.

The most damaging in this kind of action is causing instability to the Government of the day . When government becomes unstable, indirectly development to the Government of the day would inadvertently be deferred and adversedly affected . People’s businesses and livelihood would be affected and Challenging . When people are struggling to make ends meet the last thing that they want to happen is disruptions to their livelihood . Hence I like to ask whether the local Party of Warisan really has the best interest of people of Sabah in their mind or their own personal interest ? Are they just interested in grabbing power notwithstanding the means to the end and how it would cause much sufferings to the people ?

I take this opportunity to call upon the Sabah Government to convene the next Dun Sitting soonest possible and to present and pass Sabah Anti Hopping Bill .

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