Do we really need an election this year ?

By Political Analyst cum Secretary General of Parti Cinta Sabah Mohd Ustar Abdul Ghani


KOTA KINABALU: There is more to it than just calling for an early election. Question begs, do we really need an election within this year when Parliament will only expires in June of 2023?. Are there any pressing issues that warrant dissolution of Parliament?.

The government, instead of frolicking in a political concert should put its effort in formulating an effecient budget expected to be tabled this friday. It should concentrate on strengthening economic measures in anticipation of an economic recession predicted next year.

Pressing for an early election is nothing more than a political syndicate to satisfy the wishes of a few desperate politicians. Malaysians went through tough times since Covid 19 and to further burdened them with political theatrics is unbecoming, insensible and lacks moral conscience.

Prime Minister Dato Sri Ismail Sabri is caught in a political conundrum. Not being the President of UMNO deprived him the carte blanche needed to effectively decides upon the smooth administration of the country.

He is often seen succumbing to the wishes of UMNO’s President, Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the latest being asked to seek an audience with the King in what would probably be seen by political pundits as presenting a proposal for an early election.

Zahid is a man with a mission before time catches up with him. Being President and lacking the executive power to at least sort put the predicaments he is embroiled with, will according to some political analyst shortlived his political career. Both Sabri and Zahid are evidently caught in a Catch 22 situation.

There is so much at stake for Sabri and Zahid. Having tasted power unexpectedly and being so close to coming to power for these two UMNO leaders developed an intriguing political drama that we as Malaysians felt betrayed, angry and lost.

Between now and June 2023 when Parliament needed renewal there is Deepavali, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Hari Raya waiting to be celebrated. For many of us these festive celebrations are significant and anxiously awaited. It will be prudent for the government to build up the economy to bring Malaysians together again, at least as a political gift after the pandemic.

We can never really understand these political intricacies. Where power, greed and selfishness dominate political philosophy, the people are at risk of becoming casualties of myriad consequences. Any decision to have an early election should be carefully thought of in the light of the impending monsoon season.

One man’s greed is a many people’s misery.

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