Sabah Government Does Not Authorise or Recognise any NGO Data Collection or Foreigner Cards – Dr Jeffrey

KOTA KINABALU: The State Government has never authorized any NGOs to collect data of foreign workers or stateless foreigners and does not recognize any purported foreigner cards issued by any of them.
Therefore, foreign workers and stateless foreigners must not be misled by the actions of any NGOs purporting to collect data or issuing foreigner cards, said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, Deputy Chief Minister who is also the Chairman of the Special Cabinet Committee on Foreign Workers and Undocumented People in a statement.
He also advised Sabah employers not to register their foreign workers with any NGOs.
“Everyone should be aware that the authorized data collection or any foreigner cards issued by any NGOs will not entitle the holder to any benefits, automatic acceptance or recognition by the State Government,” he said.
In relation to this, he reported that the Special Cabinet Committee that he chairs has met the various Government departments and agencies and industry players, and is still in the process of engaging with the other stakeholders before presenting its preliminary report in mid-May to the Cabinet for approval.
The Special Committee is aware of the sentiments and wishes of Sabahans on illegals including the objections to the Pas Sementara Sabah (PSS) proposed by the previous Warisan Plus government to favour illegals, he said.
He assured that after the engagements of all the stakeholders, the Special Committee will present viable solutions to resolve the illegals problem in Sabah.  
“The State Government is committed to resolving the illegals problem in Sabah and will enforce the laws applicable and deporting them to their home countries,” he added.
He further said that the Special Committee has negotiated with the Foreign Ministry to establish a Coordination Committee with the Foreign Ministry on foreigners in Sabah.  The Coordination Committee will collaborate with the foreign Governments to issue travel and identification documents to facilitate the deportation of the illegals from Sabah.


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