SAPP Youth: Jaujan Confused With Sabah IC

KOTA KINABALU: The SAPP Youth Movement described the statement made by Datuk Jaujan Sambakong, Sulabayan ADUN seemed he was confused and lack of understanding the objectives of Sabah IC.


“If Jaujan was unclear of the workings or really don’t understand the concept, he had the opportunity to ask in the State Legislative Assembly when the proposal was presented by Datuk Yong,” said Jamain.

“The RCI report on Sabah Illegal Immigrants revealed discrepancies and massive existence of dubious citizenship issued to illegal immigrants under Projek IC had shown us that the very system that we are supposed to trust has been compromised, abused and failed,” he said.

“That’s why the proposal of implementing Sabah IC motion was pushed during the state assembly meeting to be enacted so as to guarantee the protection of the rights of the sons of Sabah.

“Many illegals were granted citizenship with born in Sabah status of “-12-“ in their Identity Cards via the infamous Projek IC and enjoy native (bumiputera) privileges is a clear example of violation of the law under the Immigration and Passport Act of the country.

“It is strange that Jaujan doubted Sabah IC and that it will be abused. I am sure he knew that the Projek M or Projek IC (systematic granting of citizenship to immigrants) has been created and manipulated to alter the state’s demographics and changed the electoral voting patterns”, he added.

“That’s why Sabah IC needs to be implemented, we need to provide assurance and protection for the children of Sabah especially,” he said.

One of the mechanisms proposed by Sabah IC is to involve native courts, educational institutions and health centres as references to determine the eligibility of any applicant and filter out the dubious MyKad holders, explained Jamain.

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