Gee: Who would dare to cooperate with DAP?

KOTA KINABALU: Who would dare to cooperate with DAP who has twisted thoughts of imaginary enemies and living in a fantasy world of fictitious movie superheroes, said Gee Tien Siong.


Gee, vice president of Sabah Progressive Party, therefore, believed there is no other political party that will be “like-minded” to DAP.

“The idea of bringing fictional plots of various films into the real-world political arena is simply child’s play, messing with the future of Sabah and its people,” he said.

Gee, who was Sabah People’s Alliance (GRS) candidate for Luyang in the last Sabah election (PRN16), described the announcement by DAP, that it is ready to cooperate with “like-minded” parties, as if it were peddling the people’s mandates at a roadside stall.

“They (DAP) were having each foot in both camps (UMNO and Warisan) not long ago, but they ended up fantasizing that they were actors of “The Avengers” (An American fiction movie) to fight their imaginary enemy, namely UMNO.

“Politicians should focus on building and progressing together and serving the people as the ultimate goal, rather than having anti-political mindset,” he added.

Gee also quoted the Minister of Sabah Housing and Local Government Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun who made a joke in the Sabah Legislative Assembly yesterday during the ministry’s concluding speech that Luyang YB (also the state secretary of Sabah DAP) many times visited his office for coffee session, but strangely the colour of the coffee was different. Masidi also told that the government is trying to solve problems, get things done instead of empty political slogans by opposition.

Gee advised leaders of Sabah DAP to stop chanting scripts written by their Malayan bosses, instead be down-to-earth and stay focussed on the various challenges Sabah currently is facing.

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