Planting the seeds for the future: Idea Company signs MOU with Multimedia University for pioneer Smart Precision Agriculture Junior Growers Programme

KUALA LUMPUR: Idea Company Sdn Bhd today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Multimedia University (MMU), formalising a collaboration that has created the Smart Precision Agriculture Junior Growers Programme.
The MOU signifies a unique partnership between a private entity and a tertiary institution, embarking on a journey to disrupt the nation’s agro-food sector, leveraging on expertise and knowledge in agriculture, food production and distribution, as well as technology centric business and management credentials.
“MMU is a strong and suitable partner for Idea Company in our journey to further develop and strengthen the agricultural ecosystem,” said Idea Company Sdn Bhd Managing Director Zachary Aman, adding that MMU has many relevant faculties that cover the scope and focus required for the success of the entire ecosystem.
“We at Idea Company are constantly looking to push the envelope of technology utilisation with regards to changing how we grow and produce our food, for profit as well as with the aim of alleviating the quality of life for Malaysian farmers,” said Zachary.
The Smart Precision Agriculture Junior Growers Programme has been designed to recruit and train junior growers in Malaysia. The programme will be jointly certified by both MMU and Idea Company Sdn Bhd.
“This is the first step in developing human capital to further our nation’s aim to be a knowledge-based economy,” said Zachary.
‘A Good Match’ – Building Better Futures
The intended outcome of the Smart Precision Agriculture Junior Growers Programme is to create a pool of next-generation farmers who not only produce high-quality, high-yield outputs all year round, but who are adept at overseeing day-to-day operations at next-generation farms where farming technology is optimised.
“MMU has many relevant faculties which cover the scope required to help the whole ecosystem succeed,” said Zachary, adding that the programme’s specific scope on design thinking will help farmers to observe, think and innovate.
“This is a good match,” emphasised Zachary with regards to the collaboration between Idea Company and MMU.
“We are solving issues in the agricultural industry by training and certifying people who will be equipped with all these characteristics who will eventually be qualified to work around the region, in areas earmarked by Idea Company in our expansion,” added Zachary.
Idea Company’s agricultural and food distribution ecosystem consists of several verticals, namely, JustGood Roots, JustGood Farms, JustGood Grocer and JustGood Meals, spanning the farm to fork supply chain.
The programme features key modules and areas such as the creation of capabilities in line with digital transformation and the use of analytics in the agricultural sector to support data-driven platforms.
Furthermore, the programme will also cover business requirements, centred on integrating capabilities such as strategic business intelligence and utilising the knowledge economy to create and sustain a more dynamic and resilient work culture.
Participants of the Smart Precision Agriculture Junior Growers Programme will also be introduced to modules such as engineering and technology, where they will learn how to incorporate more efficient and accurate processes through innovations in telecommunications, robotics, mechanical and bio-instrumentation technologies.
“MMU has been pursuing various programmes with industry players to increase marketability of its graduates, and happy to contribute in upgrading future farmers skillsets, in-line with Malaysia’s Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) aspirations” quipped Prof. Datuk Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su’ud, President / Chief Executive Officer of Multimedia University.
The Building Blocks
In the Smart Precision Agriculture Junior Growers Programme collaboration between Idea Company and MMU, the participants will receive guidance on and exposure to:
Industrial inputs on a modern farming syllabus; internship and/or practical training opportunities at Idea Company’s farms and its network of farmers; participation in farming research and development; input on modern farming value chains and industrial training tutelage/tutoring to enrich the classroom learning experience. These modules of input will be provided by Idea Company Sdn Bhd.
MMU will provide not just the assessment of participants before, during and after the programme, but also hands-on training modules on subjects such as Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship and business management. There is the possibility in the near future of MMU conducting short courses and micro-credential programmes by identifying and aligning pedagogical and operational content.
“We at Idea Company have the operational foundation which allows us to have the competitive foresight in building new mindsets to tackle issues in the agricultural sector which has yet to fully embrace technology and other tools such as data and analytics,” said Zachary, adding that in training and building up future farmers in Malaysia was a step towards the greater goal of being aligned with regional and global standards in agriculture and the food ecosystem.
“Design thinking, systems analysis and design, business intelligence and ground operations are disruptive traits that can be nurtured on top of discipline and diligence,” Zachary emphasised.
“Strong work ethics and discipline are traditionally hallmark traits in farmers, traits that are the backbone of the agricultural industry – what Idea Company does is to inculcate these traits as well as a new mindset that is forward-looking,” he added.
The Smart Precision Agriculture Junior Growers Programme will also hopefully embed an entrepreneurial mindset in aspiring farmers, enabling them to identify opportunities for optimisation with which to increase efficiency and productivity, thanks to design thinking.
The creation of this unique programme is the culmination of the agreement between Idea Company Sdn Bhd and MMU, formalised by today’s MOU signing, marking an exciting milestone in the evolution of Malaysia’s agricultural sector.


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