Gee: Settle Sabah IC first

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah government should focus on implementing Sabah IC to strengthen and guarantee state rights of Sabahans and identity under the Malaysia Agreement 1963, said Gee Tien Siong.

“Sabah IC is the only solution to solve Sabah’s illegal immigrants’ problem, the problem of dubious citizenship and phantom voters created though the notorious Project IC.

He said the Sabah Temporary Pass (PSS) embraced by the previous Warisan government and now the latest proposed Special Card are similar just old wine in new bottle method of resolving illegal and undocumented immigrants.

Gee, Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) vice president said our existing laws are enough to handle the undocumented (illegal) immigrants problem in Sabah. It became today’s situation very much due to lack of political will by the federal government and Sabah’s lost autonomy.

“Actually, many Malaysians from other states moved to Sabah for good, throughout the past 30 years, and they need Sabah IC.

“Many indigenous people of Sabah still do not have their names in the National Registration Department (JPN) records. They need Sabah IC, too. Why are these undocumented migrants being put into their centre of focus while so many Malaysians in Sabah being neglected?” Gee questioned.

Gee said, although he did not win the Luyang seat in the last state election in 2020, he never forgot his party SAPP’s principles. SAPP adheres to its principle to advocate enforcing and expulsion of illegal immigrants,” he said.

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