UPPM Limbahau Extends Helping Hand to needy post Covid-19 – Johnny Mositun

PAPAR: Helping villagers get back on their feet post Covid-19 pandemic is one of the things the Unit Pejabat Pembangunan Masyarakat (UPPM) Limbahau has embarked on.


According to Limbahau Community Development Leader Datuk Johnny Mositun, several programs aimed at helping the residents has been implemented in the constituency.

“Many of the villagers here were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic economically. Most lost their source of income so what we are doing now is to help them get back on their feet and boost their income,” he said.

“Today’s program is just one of those that we are doing for the villagers,” he said when officiating a quail farming course in Kampung Lakut, Lumbahau on Sunday.

The course which was organised by Kampung Lakut’s JPKK and Jay Burung Puyuh Entreprise was attended by 30 participants from three villages namely Kampung Lakut, Kampung Kopimpinan and Kampung Rampazan, he said.

Mositun said the course was part of the outreach programs announced during the Covid-19 briefing sessions with the people, to reactivate the economy of the local communities

“We have reactivate several sectors including agriculture and tourism. Today’s course in quail farming will hopefully help the participants to earn extra income. In fact it will so equip them with a new skill and experiance,” he said.

Mositun said that quail farming has potential to grow and therefore hope the state Government will consider giving those participating in the venture an allocation to help kickstart their business.

Another one of the UPPM Limbahau’s course of action to revive the economic sector of the area was to organise a weekly full scale tamu in Kampung Padawan.

“There is a daily tamu sangadau at Kampung Padawan but every Saturday morning, it becomes a full scale one,” said Mositun.

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