Celebrate CNY Responsibly – Lee Lam Thye

KOTA KINABALU: All Malaysians deserve to enjoy the holidays after having had to face many restrictions for so long due to Covid-19 but let’s remember to celebrate responsibly.


This is important to ensure that we will be able to continue celebrating future holidays and festivals.

We have to accept the fact that the SOPs are already part of our DNA against this Covid-19 virus and its variants.

Celebrating responsibly means strictly following the remaining SOPs, that is to avoid crowded places, and continuing to wear masks and observe personal hygiene.

It is indeed good to see many eateries and supermarkets strictly enforcing the SOPs, and indeed even observing some rules of their own.

Some supermarkets even clean and sanitise their counters after one set of customers leave and before others arrive.

This voluntary action is indeed laudable, and it is hoped that it will continue even after we see the tail end of the current pandemic.

Strict adherence to SOPs is especially important during this Chinese New Year as families gather for their traditional family reunions or as others head for home in other states.

For reunion dinners, only family members are allowed.

Also, they are required to do prior Covid 19 self-tests.

Those with symptoms are advised to stay indoors.

The virus is still out there. And the Omicron variant is known to be the most infectious, and is no respecter of age, colour or creed. It can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Even with high vaccination and booster rates, the risk is present.

During this period, the enforcement must be strict. A total of 2532 compliance teams will be deployed nationwide to keep watch on activities during the Chinese new year.

Those flouting the rules can expect to face the full force of the law, especially under the provisions of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.

We can avoid being summoned if we maintain high standards of self discipline
which is the key in the fight against covid and its variants

There is also the issue of safety on the roads. Risks of accidents are present as thousands of cars jam the highways.

To ensure road safety and safe arrival at our destinations let us do our part to make the journey safe by being law abiding.

So be responsible and be disciplined.

And be safe to be able to enjoy the next festival and holidays.


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