Chief Minister issues stern warning on non-performance

KOTA KINABALU: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji Haji Noor issued a stern warning to all government department and agency heads that action will be taken if they are found to cause a delay in the implementation of development projects meant for the rakyat of Sabah.
“Do not give the excuse that you cannot do the job because you have to work from home due to COVID-19. This is how the world is now (have to co-exist with the pandemic),” he said when chairing the State Development Action Council meeting (MTPng) at the State Administrative Centre here, Thursday.
He said this when told that various projects approved by the Federal government for Sabah are still at the pre-implementation stage now that it is nearing the last quarter of this year.
“It is now the month of August, how can we complete these projects? The Federal Government has approved our applications and given the allocation and yet the projects cannot take off. I do not want this to happen during my administration.
“If I find there are those contributing to the delay, I will not hesitate to take action,” he said.
Earlier, the Chief Minister said a time frame must be set for the implementation of all federal-funded development projects in the state.
Hajiji said undoubtedly the implementation of development projects was sluggish this year following the pandemic but he also hoped the Federal Government’s plan to review development projects that have been approved but yet to take off the ground will not greatly affect Sabah.
The Chief Minister said the matter must not be dragged on, while other problems remained unresolved like services issues, roads and infrastructures and land matters.
“We must act as a team and look at the people’s needs in a holistic way. For instance, schools that are without water and electricity supply.
“Everything must be planned in the most proper way to ensure smooth delivery service for the people,” he said.
“Of high priority too, is poverty eradication which should remain our focus as the percentage of poor and hardcore poor is still high in the state.”
He said it was now time for everyone to bolster cooperation and to review and enhanced outdated as well as irrelevant regulations in accordance with the change of time.
He also called upon the government agencies to take advantage of technology in enhancing government delivery service and facilitate the private sector, which is the nation’s prime economic mover.
As for Sabah’s 12th Malaysian Plan (12MP) performance, he said as of Aug 8 this year, a total of RM1.459 billion or 32.31 per cent out of the approved RM4.517 billion have been spent under the 12MP First Rolling Plan.
State Secretary Datuk Seri Safar Untong, Federal State Secretary Datuk Dr Zulkapli Mohamed and Sabah Development Officer, Haji Noor Alam Khan Wahid Khan were in attendance in the meeting that was joined virtually by other ministries.


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