Trouble Brewing In USIA – EDUL

KOTA KINABALU: The leadership of the
United Sabah Islamic Association
(USIA) has come under scrutiny for a significant error in appointing an individual who is bankrupt as one of the Senior Officers of USIA in 2022.


This mistake has exposed USIA to considerable risks, as it goes against the principles outlined in the USIA Constitution.

Edul Haji Mulud, a member of the USIA Supreme Council, has voiced his concerns, highlighting that this appointment directly contradicts the Societies Act 1966, which prohibits bankrupt individuals from holding any position within an organization.

Edul’s intention is to protect USIA from potential larger issues that may arise.

Having previously served as the Secretary General and Acting Secretary General of USIA for over four decades, Edul, who also holds the position of Chief of the Tamparuli Division of USIA, has explained that it is implausible for the top leadership of USIA to be unaware of the appointed individual’s bankruptcy issues since 2016.

“I hope that the Registrar of Societies (ROS) will take appropriate action to address the challenges faced by USIA,” he said in a statement here.

In line with the USIA Constitution, USIA is set to hold elections in early December 2024.

The various divisions of USIA across Sabah, including the Federal Territory of Labuan, are required to nominate suitable candidates for the positions of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Deputy Vice Chairmen, Youth Chief, Women Chief, and members of the Supreme Council.

In total, USIA comprises 29 divisions throughout Sabah.

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