Seven vendors received financial support to lessen their burden during the recent market stall repair

SANDAKAN: Seven SAPP members who are vendors at the central market here received financial support from the party’s Tanjong Papat CLC welfare fund after their stalls were temporarily closed for repair.


The vendors received monetary assistance from SAPP Tanjong Papat CLC chairman Kapitan Thomas Lau before the Aidilfitri celebrations.

According to Lau, the repair work undertaken by the local authorities has since been completed, and the stalls have resumed operations.

“We extended assistance to our party members through the Tanjong Papat CLC welfare fund to help lessen their burden due to the temporary closure and also Aidilfitri,” Lau said.

Also present were SAPP Tanjong Papat Wanita Chief Stephanie Lee and other Tanjong Papat CLC committees.

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