Jordan Jude makes history by becoming the youngest division chief of STAR Sabah

NABAWAN: Jordan Jude Ellron, a 27-year-old member of Exco Wiramuda StarSabah State, has achieved a significant milestone in his political career.


He emerged victorious in the party election for the Nabawan Star division chief post during the STAR Nabawan Triennial General Meeting held here on Saturday.

This achievement is historic as Jordan becomes the youngest Division Chief of STAR Sabah under the leadership of Datuk Seri Panglima, Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan.

With humility, Jordan expressed his acceptance of the party members’ decision and embraced the great responsibility bestowed upon him.

He emphasised the importance of STAR making a substantial impact, particularly in the preparations for the upcoming state general election.

Following the party’s general meeting, he stated, “This is a great responsibility for us to ensure that STAR makes an impact, especially in preparing for the upcoming state general election.”

Furthermore, Jordan called upon the supporters of STAR to remain united and work diligently towards securing victory for the ruling party’s candidates in the forthcoming state election.

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