Thousands of residents in Putatan, Penampang affected by the short notice of the water supply disruption – Jeffrey Nor

KOTA KINABALU: Putatan UMNO chief Jeffrey Nor Mohamed questions the action taken by the Sabah State Water Department (JANS) in issuing a short notice regarding the period of water supply disruption in the areas of Putatan and Penampang, effective for 10 days starting today.


He said that why did Jans only inform us about this disruption yesterday when thousands of residents in the surrounding areas have already been affected and did not have enough time to make preparations regarding this water supply?

“This 10-day disruption is a very long period of timeā€¦ Surely the residents do not have enough time to make sufficient preparations to store an adequate water supply.

“As I have mentioned recently, JANS needs to provide early notification to allow affected residents to make early preparations, especially with the approaching month of Ramadan.

“If it is difficult to inform the affected residents, why not use agencies such as the District Office, District Council, Community Development Leadership Unit (UPPM), and District Chiefs to disseminate early information to the residents so that they can make preparations to store water?” he said in a statement today.

Jeffrey Nor, who is also the Sabah UMNO election director, said that many residents have contacted him to complain about this water supply issue and asked about the actions taken by the Water Department to reduce the impact of this disruption.

“If possible, the Water Department should provide a schedule for distributing water assistance to the affected residents. Do not let them experience this problem just like that.

“We hope that in the future, the Water Department will provide early notifications so that the residents in the affected areas, especially in Putatan and Penampang, are well-informed,” explained Jeffrey Nor.

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