Consumers are not happy with the 10-day water cut, says David Chan

KOTA KINABALU: Consumers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the recent announcement from Jetama Water Concession regarding a 10-day water cut, following State Works Minister Datuk Shahelmey Yahya’s statement that Sabah is not facing a water crisis.


Sabah West Coast Wise Consumers Association (PPBS) president David Chan said complaints have been received from users who were advised to install extra water storage tanks.

“They have mentioned that the water tanks are not provided for free by the Jetama contractor, as the version differs from the Jetama water concession contractor.

“The question arises as to who should take responsibility, as consumers are being asked to cover the costs of installing the water storage tank themselves.

“If JA or the contractor is required to cover the expenses of the water storage tank due to misleading information, it should not be overlooked,” he said in a statement here today.

Considering that every household already has a water storage tank for daily use, installing an additional tank seems unnecessary if water rationing is due to a shortage of treated water, he added.

David said consumers are hopeful that the contractor will compensate those who have installed extra water storage tanks.

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