Kinabatangan Umno establishes the Public Complaints Bureau

SANDAKAN: To ensure that complaints regarding government departments and agencies in the Kinabatangan area are addressed, the party has established the Public Complaints Bureau.


This bureau, chaired by Awang Basri Osman, was recently formed with the consent of the Kinabatangan Umno Chief, Datuk Seri Panglima Bung Moktar Radin.

The establishment of the bureau was decided during a recent division committee meeting, said Awang Basri .

He said the bureau will focus on addressing complaints related to development issues and party administration, particularly those that affect the interests of the people in the Kinabatangan area.

“All complaints, regardless of their nature, will be accepted and given priority if they involve public interests.

“The bureau will accept both oral and written complaints, which will be thoroughly examined and forwarded to the relevant parties for necessary action,” he said in a statement.

Additionally, Awang Basri said complaint boxes will be placed at various locations, including government departments and Pos Malaysia, to provide the public with a convenient way to submit their complaint letters.

He said the bureau is also working on developing a smartphone application to enable direct complaints via phone, making it easier for the public to voice their concerns.

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