No contradiction between my statement and Masidi’s, said Ewon

PENAMPANG: The United Kinabalu Progressive Organization (UPKO) presiden Datuk Ewon Benedick clarified that there is no contradiction between Datuk Masidi Manjun’s recent statement and his previous statement.


According to Benedick, his previous suggestion was for the state government to send a letter of demand to the Federal Government, specifically requesting 40 percent of the federal revenue in Sabah.

“I made a more detailed demand for 40 percent of the federal revenue in Sabah, which has never been done before,” Benedick explained.

He further recommended that the State Government should focus on the revenue data that is already known, such as the revenue collected by the Revenue Office in Sabah, such as the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) or the Customs Office.

Benedick emphasized that this is an easily attainable goal, as the data is readily available. However, he acknowledged that revenue not collected by the Revenue Office in Sabah would require separate discussions due to its complexity and technical nature.

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