LDP vice president hails JKR’s efforts in repairing potholes at mile 27

SANDAKAN: LDP Vice President Chong Thien Ming expressed his appreciation to JKR for their efforts in repairing the potholes at mile 27.


Chong personally visited Mile 27 to inspect the completed work and observed that the traffic flow is now smooth.

The repair work was delayed due to the unpredictable weather conditions over the past few weeks.

However, Sandakan District Engineer Mr. Vitus assured that the repair would be carried out promptly once the weather conditions improved.

“This demonstrates JKR’s readiness to address urgent matters and their commitment to resolving any arising issues,” said Chong in a statement today.

Chong reminded the public that there are channels available to report any problems with damaged roads, such as MPS and JKR.

For other issues, there are different agencies responsible for handling them, he said.

Chong hopes that the public can be patient with the delay and follow the proper procedures to report any concerns to the relevant agencies.

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