Wanita Umno Sabah ready to face PRN17 – Noraini

RANAU: As the upcoming state election (PRN-17) draws near, Wanita UMNO Sabah is diligently preparing at the highest level to face the election, which is anticipated to take place earlier than the end of next year.


Sabah Umno Wanita Chief, Senator Datuk Noraini Idris, said that as part of the preparations, the party has outlined several key points to strengthen the determination of all leaders, machinery, and members.

She elaborated that the focus is on planning, organising, educating, and prioritising the well-being of the people, ultimately ensuring readiness.

During the Sabah UMNO Women’s Tour program across various parts of the state, this aspect has been emphasized to guarantee the preparedness of the Sabah UMNO Women’s machinery for any possibility of an earlier PRN.

“I am satisfied with the preparations made by the Wanita UMNO Sabah machinery in all areas so far. However, it is crucial to continuously improve in line with current developments and issues,” she told reporters after the recent Sabah Wanita UMNO Tour programme in the Ranau division, which marked the 21st division visited.

Noraini, who also serves as Penampang UMNO Wanita Chief, emphasised the urgency of time.

In this regard, Wanita UMNO in all divisions must implement programmes that positively impact party support, conduct election training, and appeal to the community and young voters, she said.

“We must become a party that is easily approachable as an agent for addressing the people’s issues, conveying them to the relevant parties, and readily accessible to the community and voters,” she explained.

Therefore, she emphasised the need for the UMNO wing to establish the values and spirit of volunteering to assist and safeguard the welfare of the people.

“I have great hope that when the battle cry is sounded, Wanita UMNO will be prepared to fight on the battlefield of the 17th PRN,” she added.

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