Munirah Majilis wants Warisan to rise again in the upcoming state elections

KOTA KINABALU: The 17th state election is approaching, and Parti Warisan Sabah (Warusan) needs to regain its strength.


In order to achieve this, Warisan Wirawati chief Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis emphasises the importance of unity within the party’s leadership, including the women’s wing.

She said it is crucial for them to set aside their differences and work together towards their mission of “Bangkit 2.0.”

Munirah also appeals to the people of Sabah, urging them not to be swayed by the politics of race that some political parties in the state engage in to gain support.

Drawing a comparison to Sarawak, Munirah highlights how the people there are more advanced and questions why Sabah lags behind.

She emphasises the need to focus on the nation and region as a whole, rather than dividing based on race or ethnicity.

“Today, for example, the people of Sarawak are more advanced than us. If we are in Sabah … sikit-sikit cakap PTI, sikit-sikit cakap lanun (labeling other parties) … Sarawakians ask me why this happen in Sabah….we in Sarawak, whether you are from Kuching, Miri or Mukah?..whether you are Iban or Melanau….we know you are Sarawakians, whatever benefits and goodness you get we get because of the people of Sarawak,” she said.

These remarks were made by Munirah during the recent Warisan’s annual general Meeting at Dewan Hakka, near here.

According to her, there are multiple reasons why Warisan needs to make a comeback in the political arena of Sabah.

She emphasizes that the current Sabah government led by GRS is weak and directionless, which has resulted in hardships for the people of Sabah, such as electricity and water problems.

The most significant loss for Sabahans at present, she argues, is the lack of quality leadership and administration.

Munirah asserts that Warisan was the party responsible for initiating and implementing large-scale land grants for villagers in Sabah.

She highlights that Warisan played a crucial role in establishing the Sabah Ministry of Education and Innovation, as well as the Sabah Health Ministry.

Furthermore, Warisan initiated the debate on MA63 (Malaysia Agreement 1963) in the Dewan Rakyat, or Parliament, in 2019, despite facing rejection at that time, she added.

Munirah credits the late Datuk VK Liew, who was the federal law minister from Warisan, for bringing forth the motion.

Additionally, Munirah mentions that Warisan was involved in negotiating the provisions of Constitution 112C and 112D, which pertain to special grants for Sabah.

Although they did not agree with the amount offered and did not sign any agreements, Warisan played a significant role in initiating the negotiations, she said.

Munirah also highlights Warisan’s success in securing a 5 percent sales tax on oil and gas for Sabah.

This has allowed the state government to benefit by increasing the Assembly’s allocation. All these achievements, she claims, are the result of Warisan’s efforts.

Therefore, Munirah urges the people of Sabah to support Warisan and ensure its resurgence in the upcoming PRN (state election) for the betterment of the people and the state.

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