Kibing glass factory testimony to SMJ’s success

KOTA KINABALU: The opening of the multi-billion ringgit Sabah Kibing Solar New Materials (M) Sdn Bhd Factory is a testament to the success of the State Government’s Hala Tuju Sabah Maju Jaya (SMJ) Development Plan, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji Haji Noor
He said the high-impact investment venture was an example of what can be achieved when the government, private sector, and the community unite with a shared vision.
“This is a result of our collective efforts in the form of economic development and employment opportunities for the benefit of Sabah and her people,” he said at the grand opening of the world-class factory at the Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP) near here today.
The Chief Minister said the State Government is serious about ensuring that investing in Sabah is as seamless as possible.
“For this to happen, we have taken proactive steps by establishing a dedicated investment task force committed to facilitating and streamlining the investment process. This task force is designed to provide comprehensive support, guidance, and a conducive environment for investors to thrive and succeed,” he said.
In the case of the Kibing Group venture, he said the task force had expedited the factory’s operational commencement to under 24 months since the initial agreement was signed in January 2022.
“This achievement underscores the dedicated efforts of the task force, tirelessly working in synergy with various government departments and agencies to transform this investment into a reality here in Sabah.
“I wish to emphasise the State Government’s commitment to facilitate investments into Sabah. We are resolute in our mission to create an environment that attracts more investors, such as this Kibing venture to Sabah.
“These investments are not just about numbers on a financial ledger. They are about creating employment, fostering innovation and improving the lives of our people,” he said.
Hajiji recalled his visit to the Kibing’s first glass factory at the Tuanku Jaafar Industrial Area in Negeri Sembilan two years ago on an invitation from Kibing Group chairman Yu Qi Bing and President Dato’ Lim Swee Ee where the chairman informed him that the Kibing Group was keen to invest its state-of-the-art innovative solar glass manufacturing factory in Sabah.
“Today, the project has become a reality. Thank you to our esteemed Chinese investment partner, the Kibing Group, for their unwavering confidence and commitment in bringing the first phase of this project costing RM3 billion to fruition with the establishment of this cutting-edge solar glass manufacturing factory right here at the KKIP,” he said.
He said the significance of this endeavour cannot be overstated.
“With an impressive annual production capacity of 440,000 tons of solar glass, Sabah has now positioned itself as one of the prominent players in Malaysia’s solar glass manufacturing industry, and we are poised to make significant contributions to the renewable energy sector.
“This achievement not only promises economic growth but also underscores our commitment to sustainability and green technology,” he said.
The venture also created job opportunities, with 1,100, or more than 80 per cent of its 1,300 workers, being Sabahans, he said.
“This has not only strengthened our local workforce but has also enriched the livelihoods of our citizens, providing them with stable employment,” he said.
Hajiji was optimistic that the Kibing Group would continue to thrive and play an instrumental role in contributing to Sabah’s long-term prosperity.
The Sabah Government, on its part, remained committed to extending its welcome to investors such as the Kibing Group from China, acknowledging the invaluable role they play in the economic growth and development of the state.
“The Sabah government will continue to be an investor-friendly destination, committed to expedite economic growth and development,” he said.


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