Sabahans should reject those who promote political extremism and slander – Azuman

KOTA BELUD: Sabahans should reject individuals or groups fond of spreading slander, making baseless accusations, and promoting political extremism, says Kota Belud UMNO chief Azuwan Marjan Norjan.


He said playing up the issue of race and religion just to gain political backing is not good for Sabah, which has more than 30 ethnic groups.

Therefore, according to Azuwan, the people need to reject the hateful politics and slander hurled by certain individuals for their political gains.

He said the key to harmony, well-being, and national progress should be the development of unity as well as moderation in people’s everyday lives.

Azuwan said that in addition to faster development and economic progress, racial unity was one of the major factors that could drive Malaysia towards becoming an advanced country.

“The country’s progress is not measured by the pace of economic development alone, but harmony between races and religions must always be preserved, or otherwise it will cause the country to fall behind,” he said.

Azuwan said this in his speech in conjunction with the National Day Celebration organised by Kawasan Rukun Tetangga (KRT) Kampung Pirasan near here on Thursday.

According to Azuwan, by practicing the spirit of unity, Malaysians will be able to instill a spirit of patriotism and be willing to defend the sovereignty of the country so that it is always prosperous and harmonious.

He said the government had introduced the concept of a unity government, and therefore, the people need to support all the policies brought by the government for the sake of peace, harmony, and the progress of the country.

Praising the efforts carried out by KRT Pirasan in Kota Belud, Azuwan said the idea of strengthening harmony in a multi-racial society is highly encouraged and needs to be strengthened.

“All parties, whether government departments or agencies, the private sector, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the Rukun Tetangga community, leaders, and the people as a whole, need to join forces and ideas to take on the role of organising various activities to further strengthen the spirit of unity at all levels,” he said.

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