UCSF holds 3rd Entrepreneurship Carnival

KOTA KINABALU:The University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF) successfully hosted its third UCSF Entrepreneurship Carnival in 2023.


The event was organised by the Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) in collaboration with the UCSF Entrepreneurship Club (UEC).

The UCSF 3rd Entrepreneurship Carnival featured a range of activities, including sales booths, blood donation drives, lucky draws, and karaoke sessions.

Dr. Rafiq Idris, the Vice Chancellor, along with Mr. Najmi Abdullah, the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship, and other university officials were present at the event.

The carnival witnessed a tremendous turnout, with more than 600 attendees.

The primary objective of this carnival, as highlighted by Dr. Amy Faizah Nain, was to provide UCSF students with hands-on experiences in entrepreneurship through activities such as selling products or services.

These practical assignments aimed to enhance the students’ understanding of entrepreneurship theory by providing them with real-world experience.

Mr. Najmi Abdullah, the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship, reiterated the faculty’s commitment to continuously assist students in improving their entrepreneurial skills.

This carnival offered a valuable opportunity for students to explore entrepreneurship and take ownership of their products.

Dr. Rafiq Idris, the Vice Chancellor of UCSF, emphasizes the university’s vision of producing environmentally-conscious and financially and digitally literate students.

He expressed his hopes that the carnival would inspire entrepreneurial thinking among the attendees and encourage youth entrepreneurship.

Pic caption

Dr Rafiq stopped by at some other booths During the carnival

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