Align Labuan’s economic orientation with Sabah’s development blueprint – LCC

LABUAN: The Labuan Chamber of Commerce (LCC) has proposed that Labuan’s economic orientation be aligned with Sabah’s development blueprint for mutual benefit. 
Chairman Daniel Doughty said there is a need to emphasis the importance of demonstrating deliberate intent, meticulous focus and a comprehensive understanding of the policies, developmental strategies and administrative procedures required to create critical mass on the island.
“To enhance Labuan’s business environment and attract investors, the LCC is hoping for efficiency at the local government level to improve business-friendliness and increase support for Labuan-based businesses,” he said today.
He said there was a need for a transition from insular thinking to collaborative efforts that address fundamental economic and policy barriers impeding Labuan’s growth. 
Daniel also stressed the importance of unity, which transcends racial and religious differences, and a focus on collective problem-solving to achieve Labuan’s economic potential.
LCC, alongside Labuan Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Indian Chamber of Commerce, Malaysian Malay Chamber of Commerce, Kadazan Dusun Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Labuan Malay Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce have been invited to a session with Labuan Corporation, to be led by its chairman Tan Sri Anifah Aman, to highlight Labuan’s economic challenges. 
One of LCC’s proposals is to repurpose the currently abandoned RM85 million halal hub complex and convert it into a free commercial zone. 
Doughty said the initiative is aimed at stimulating Labuan’s as a transhipment hub while fostering the growth of startups and small medium enterprises.
“The chamber believes that fostering an inclusive dialogue platform will enable a holistic approach to address Labuan’s economic and developmental challenges, ultimately contributing to a prosperous and harmonious future for all Labuan stakeholders.
“The LCC remains committed to driving Labuan’s economic growth and will continue to work closely with the Labuan Corporation and business chambers and stakeholders to implement effective strategies to propel Labuan towards a prosperous future,” he said.


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