Bung laments Masiung’s “unwise” decision to evict PPR tenants

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah UMNO Liaison Committee Chairman Datuk Seri Panglima Bung Moktar Radin has expressed regret over Datuk Masiung Banah, chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Board (LPPB),’s hasty decision to require residents of People’s Housing Projects (PPRs) who have been renting their homes for more than ten years to vacate their homes.


He stated that Masiung, the Kuamut Assemblyman, should have consulted the state government and the Chief Minister on this matter prior to making any statements or decisions.

“In the current economic climate, which is affecting more and more people, it is essential to comprehend the suffering of the people, particularly the B40 group.

Bung said, “He (Masiung) needs to be wise rather than acting like an unwise person and making statements that upset the people, particularly the tenants of the PPR in this state.”

He saud that Masiung’s claim that parties, particularly the opposition, are politicizing the issue also appears awkward and is only his perception when it comes to the welfare of individuals.

Bung went on to say, “We understand that this is a matter of policy and policy that we (humans) formulate, and as those involved in the formulation of policy we also need to look at issues like this from a humanitarian point of view.”

He said the statements made by a number of parties, including the UMNO Divisional Leaders, were not meant to politicize the issue but rather to address the complaints of the people, particularly the PPR tenants.

In the meantime, Bung is in favour of the “Sewa Beli” proposal to sell these PPR houses directly to tenants.

According to Bung, this will enable the B40 group, particularly PPR tenants, to own their own homes.

“This matter has already been implemented in several PPRs in Kuala Lumpur, houses are sold to tenants at affordable rates, and we request that the state government negotiate with the central government, particularly the Ministry of Local Government and Housing, so that PPR houses in Sabah can also be sold to tenants who have rented for more than ten years and pay rent without any problems,” he said.

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