Rumours of plot to topple Anwar’s Unity Government mere political stunt – Ewon

TAMPARULI: United Kinabalu Progressive Organization (UPKO) president Datuk Ewon Benedick has described the alleged plot to overthrow Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s Unity Government as a mere political stunt to shore up support for the opposition ahead of the state elections in six states in the peninsula.


Ewon, who is also the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, said that he was not convinced of the existence of such a plot and if there was, it would not happen.

This was because, according to him, the Unity Government led by Anwar was established in accordance with the law and the constitution of the country.

“With the existence of the Anti-Hop Law in Parliament, it is not going to be easy to topple the Prime Minister,” he told reporters after officiating at the MADANI Entrepreneurs and Cooperatives Program in conjunction with the Kaamatan Festival held at Dewan Tun Hamdan here today.

The Penampang MP said this when asked to comment on the rumours about the alleged plot by certain parties to bring down Anwar and the Unity Government.

“As far as I can see…this is just a political propaganda. Nothing else exists; it is all propaganda created by opposing parties to divert attention to the state elections,” he said.

In this respect, Ewon said, as UPKO president, he would strive to ensure that the Sabah people continued to support the current federal Unity Government.

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