Retired teacher poorer by over half a million ringgit after falling prey to phone scam

IPOH: A retired teacher suffered losses of over half a million ringgit after she entertained a telephone call said to be from an insurance company.
Perak police chief Datuk Seri Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri said the 59-year-old woman was initially told that she had an insurance claim from a private hospital before the call was connected to a ‘police officer’ to investigate the source of funds available in her account.
“The woman was asked to transfer the entire amount into one of her accounts for the purpose of investigating the victim’s financial resources. Overcome by fear and anxiety, the victim provided all her ATM card details to the individual required for the investigation,” he said in a statement here today.
Mohd Yusri said the victim lodged a police report when she realised her RM585,904.22 were all gone when she wanted to withdraw money from her bank account and that she had been duped by the insurance company..
As such, the public is reminded to always be cautious to avoid becoming a phone scam victim and to refrain from responding to phone calls or messages from unknown phone numbers.
“Make use of whoscall, truecaller or other applications to find out the identity of callers, don’t panic or be alarmed when you receive a call from a scammer.


“Enforcement agencies in Malaysia will not call to threaten or give the option to settle matters outside, so always check to verify with the relevant department or agency,” he said.
Those who have received such calls are urged to inform their spouse, friend, or family members on the call received  to get their view or call the National Scam Response Centre 997 hotline to report or get advice.
“Do not share or hand over your personal banking information under any circumstances if asked by a stranger,” he added.

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