Vivian Wong Demands Immediate Sack of Sabah Water Dept Director

SANDAKAN: Democratic Action Party (DAP) Member of Parliament for Sandakan, Vivian Wong has called for the immediate sacking of the Sabah Water Department Director for his failure to manage the water supply crisis in Sandakan, as well as in the whole of Sabah.


Sandakan district is still plagued with “salty water supply” after three months and this week, the district experienced yet another extended period of water disruption after the Segaliud Water Treatment Plant was shut for pipe repairing works.

Expressing her frustration, Vivian said that “patience on the ground is wearing thin, with more and more people have to resort to buying mineral water for their daily usage. This is absolutely unacceptable as the situation has not improved after over 3 months. The Director must be liable for this failure to provide the people with acceptable standard of drinking water, and he must be dismissed immediately for failing to discharge his duty.”

Vivian also further suggested that the state government must consider providing all Sandakan residents with six months of water bill rebates to compensate for the suffering people here have to endure thus far.

“The top management of Jabatan Air Sabah cannot pretend that all are well. We are facing a water crisis here and we have yet to hear from them to explain the situation.

“We are done with all explanation and excuses. Such nonchalant attitude and incompetency from public servant must be reviewed as it is a stirring up a lot of resentment towards the government. Thus, such cancerous attitude need to be removed immediately for the sake of our state,” she said.

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