Sandakan road users to continue to suffer from traffic congestion at Mile 7 due to government inaction

SANDAKAN: Democratic Action Party (DAP) Member of Parliament for Sandakan, Vivian Wong, today expressed her great disappointment at the government’s failure to include the upgrading of the Eagle and Crocodile roundabouts here under the RMK-12. This will reduce the increasingly congested traffic conditions at the above location.


She said the above after putting forward a proposal to strongly urge the Ministry of Work to upgrade the 2 said roundabout intersections to flyover intersections in the Special Chamber in Parliament on Monday.

“These 2 roundabout intersections at Mile 7 Sandakan, which are 950m apart, are the busiest traffic intersections in Sandakan. There are four schools, 10 housing estates, numerous commercial areas, as well as the Sandakan Airport within the locality of these 2 traffic junctions. Thousands of commuters pass through these 2 roundabouts daily. Any massive traffic jams at these locations extend well beyond the normal morning and evening peak hours”, said Vivian.

However, in his reply, the Deputy Work Minister, Datuk Arthur Kurup stated that while his ministry is aware that the traffic congestion at the 2 locations are very serious, especially during rush hour, there is currently no plan to upgrade them to flyover intersections under RMK-12 because the ministry has not received any such proposal from the Sabah state government or the state Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR).

“Everyone in Sandakan knows the severity of the congestion in these locations. Yet, our state JKR or our district engineer seems to be oblivious to the dire need for this upgrade. It looks like people of Sandakan will continue to suffer loss of time and productivity from traffic jams because our JKR or district engineer is sleeping on their job.” added Vivian.

Vivian demanded that the state government and JKR work out and submit promptly an upgrading plan at these 2 locations to the federal ministry for inclusion * in the RMK-12 rolling plan.

“This is a classic case of fail to plan, plan to fail. We must not continue to suffer such incompetencies of the agency in charge. We are facing numerous road related issues such as potholes, road collapse, malfunctioning street lights to name a few. If these people can’t do their job, I suggest that our state Work Minister Datuk Bung Moktar replace them immediately with qualified personnel who will earnestly deliver the required services to Sandakan.”

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