Govt approves RM8.94 million to enhance internet access in Kota Belud

KOTA BELUD: The government is expanding Internet access in Sabah so that all levels of society can enjoy a better communication network.


Former Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak said In Kota Belud alone, the government approved this year an allocation of 8.94 million for the construction of seven new telecom towers.

He said the JENDELA project will be carried out in Kampung Mandawang, Kg Lugu, Kg Pangi, Kg Lasau Tintapon, Sk Labuan, SK Gunsarai and Kampung Lahanas Siba.

Salleh, who is the Usukan state assemblyman, said this demonstrates the government’s commitment to broadening coverage and improving the quality of broadband services across the district.

“We will ensure enhanced broadband coverage for the Kota Belud district. For remote areas, maybe we will use satellite,” he said.

Salleh announced the approved allocation in his speech at the opening ceremony of the Security and Economic Improvement talk for the Kadamaian constituents at Kg Melangkap today.

He called on the people to take advantage of the internet to venture into digital business or online business.

In this regard, Salleh said it was important for the government to help provide internet facilities or access to make it easier for them to conduct business online.

He also reminded the people not to be easily swayed by the narrative of the so called struggle for Sabah but “not able to bring any development for the people”.

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