Government urged to devise measures to curb high pork price hikes

KOTA KINABALU: Investigation and effective counter-measures must be carried out promptly to address the ridiculously high pork prices in Sabah, said Yong Yit Jee.


Yit Jee, Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Supreme Councillor and a lawyer, said apparently, in West Malaysia and Sarawak, the costs of a 100kg live pig is around RM1,300, whereas a 100kg live pig in Sabah costs around RM1,900kg. In Sarawak, the retail price for pork belly is around RM26-29 per kg while in Sabah it’s around RM42-45 per kg, which is more expensive by 40%.”

“Sabah has already experienced at least five price hikes on pork meat. In early May 2022, the Sabah Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries said factors like the effects of African Swine Fever (ASF), reduced pork production and rising pork feed prices have resulted in this and the ministry has permitted the importation of pork from other countries to compensate for the decreased availability of pork available in the market. Clearly, this is insufficient and has not eased the price hikes at all,” he said.

“Sabah and Sarawak are facing similar issues like African Swine Fever (ASF), imported feed, pig species and environment. Why is their pork being cheaper than Sabah by almost 30 to 40%? Why do Sabahans have to pay so much more than in Sarawak?”

“Therefore, I urge the Sabah government and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to investigate the exact root cause and devise effective counter-measures to curb the seemingly never-ending hikes of pork price. Sabahans are already suffering from the rising costs of living in Sabah.

“Perhaps Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) could also step in and investigate whether there are any anti-competitive agreements, restrictive business practices or abuse of dominant positions in Sabah that breach the Competition Act 2010.

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