Title Changed to Real Beauty Miss Kaamatan-Arby Products Model Search

KOTA KINABALU; Real Beauty (RB) is holding a Real Beauty Miss Kaamatan-Arby Products Model Search.


RB chief Executive Officer Rejanah Bahanda in announcing this stressed the purpose of the competition is to discover the New face of Arby Product.

Formerly known as RB Unduk Ngadau, it has been renamed to ensure against any misunderstanding.

Rejanah in announcing this said the name change was decided after she was made aware of a statement about the usage of “Unduk Ngadau”.

” Real Beauty Unduk Ngadau does not refer to the real beauty of unduk ngadau but using our company’s name itself Real Beauty Sdn Bhd.”

She shared that they will carry out the event very professionally focusing on traditional costumes as well as good wholesome etiquettes of participants.

Rejanah who is also RB founder stressed that she had no intention whatsoever to usurp the importance of Unduk Ngadau in the State Level Platform.

“We respect the significance of the title and the virtues attributed to it ,” she stressed.

She shared that RB Miss Kaamatan-Arby Products Model participants are required to wear their traditional costume, speak in their native tongue and have knowledge of their traditional background.

Even though winners would be invited to paid photoshoots in future, they would not be exposed to indecencies or inappropriate attire, for instance.

She stressed that the Miss Kaamatan-Arby Products Model event will be carried out wholly online.

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