Authorities Urged to look into safety measures for road users Langkuas-Limbahau stretch

PAPAR: Limbahau Community Development Leader Datuk Johnny Mositun urged the relevant authorities to look into safety measures for road users plying the Langkuas to Limbahau stretch of the newly opened Pan Borneo highway.
Mositun said among the measures that can be implemented are installing reflectors, street lights and sign boards at strategic locations of the road.
He said this when met after conducting an inspection at the junction to Kampung Mook on Sunday where an accident involving three vehicles had occurred the day before.
“The relevant authorities should install street lights at the junctions to Kampung Sulim and Kampung Mook so that road users have better visibility. They should also install mirror reflectors to aid the visibility of road users exiting the junction from Kampung Mook.
“This is because the Pan Borneo highway is much higher than the junction and motorists trying to exit from the Kampung Mook junction have problem seeing the movement of vehicles on the road,” he stressed.
According to Mositun, the authorities should also install sign boards warning road users of the presence of water buffaloes in the area.
Mositun expressed his gratitute to the community leaders in Kampung Sulim, Langkuas and Mook who raised the issue of road safety of the villagers to him.
“I hope the relevant authorities will take immediate action to ensure the safety of roadusers in the area,” he said.


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