Dr Joachim To Grace Jom Business Revive Expo Sabah 2021 On Friday

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Employers Association officially launches what may be the year’s last prominent expo event – Jom Business Revive Expo Sabah 2021 @ Karamunsing Exhibition Hall.

Running from 10th to 12th December, the event is strongly supported by Ministry of Industrial Development, SEDIA and Department of Industrial Development.

Deputy Chief Minister cum Industrial Development Minister Datuk Dr Joachim Gunsalam will grace the event by officiating the opening ceremony on Friday 10th December 1.30pm.

With over 40 exhibitors showcasing local products & services, including licensable business opportunities, the expo aims to expose and inform the public of what local SMEs have to offer.

Titled Jom Revive Sabah, SEA expounds the underlying resilient entrepreneurial spirit that has kept many businesses going despite the almost 2 years of economic doldrum brought on by COVID pandemic.

With economy recovery in sight, the launching of the expo is to serve as a catalyst for local SMEs to pick oneself up, brush off the dust, revive, and move forward to capitalize on a better horizon ahead.

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