Melaka Election – “Wake Up Call” For Opposition Bloc

By Political Analyst Mohd Ustar Abdul Ghani

KOTA KINABALU: The recently concluded Malacca state election provided many indications that contesting political parties should take heed.
The low turn out is probably indicative of the electorates concern of the ongoing pandemic and frustration over political chaos transpiring over the last few months.
Barisan Nasional’s victory of 21 seats may not be a true reflection of the people’s aspirations.
If the number of votes were the judge of Malacca’s outcome, then the majority of Malacca electorates seemingly rejected BN as manifested in the 120,665 votes attained against the 198,997 who voted for the oppositions.
In a first past the post system, many would argue popular vote does not have any relevance a notion that will stretch arguments if political aspirations considered.
Barisan Nasional could have easily lost 14 seats had there not been a split votes between between the oppositions.
In 14 seats Pakatan Harapan and Perikatan Nasional garnered more votes than the winning BN candidates.
In Klebang, Paya Rumput and Pengkalan Batu, the number of votes received by the oppositions were 3000 more added together to that attained by BN’s candidates.
This analysis showed a conspicuous political sentiment that this victory should not be interpreted as an absolute victory and the political dynamics could rapidly change comes GE15.
BN is probably on cloud nine after this victory and seriously contemplating cutting the apron string from Perikatan Nasional. Perikatan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan should now envisage a strong political alliance and political strategies to manoeuvre in the coming GE15.
A strong and united opposition will provide a good political climate for Malaysian politics.
If PH and PN could sit together before Malacca’s state election, the outcome could well be different.
A vote for BN will always be a vote for BN and voters who showed disinterestedness towards BN will always vote for the oppositions as manifested in Malacca.
The oppositions should not be greedy in venturing into the unthinkable. History have always taught us that greed is the biggest obstacle to victory.
On the contrary BN should not be complacent with Malacca’s outcome.
BN should device strategies to outrightly win the people’s heart.
The party should be put in order and if anything it should now consider a leadership reform. Mohammad Hassan, Hishamuddin and Khairy should now take the lead to ensure the party remains relevant and face the onslaught of GE15.

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