Towards a lost generation?

By Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye


We are all product of a school system where we had at least 11 years of schooling uninterrupted. Learning, playing, and building relationships that leave lasted a lifetime. If we deny the next generation of this experience, we end up with a lost generation of children who will find themselves cocooned and isolated from reality

Already, the children been facing disruptions over the last one year. How Long more must they endure, pay the price of the folly of their elders

Students and teachers are forced to pay the price of irresponsible adults. Red zones are the result of non-compliance, not by children, but by adults. Go after the miscreants and don’t deprive the children of their birthright.

We want a future workforce of people who are well balanced, have imbibed the right values, and are able to live harmoniously with each other. But how could they if they miss out on the very experiences and exposures that the school environment that builds character and sound values?

Just as the Ministry of Health keeps the nation abreast of developments on the health front, perhaps the ministry of education should address the five million school children and their teachers on a regular basis, to help them informed and advice them on to cope with the stresses?

Talking of stresses, the teachers face many issues in providing online instruction. They are not used to doing this. But they have been doing their best so far, in the belief that this was a temporary requirement. They didn’t bargain on it being extended almost indefinitely.

Why must children pay the price of the folly of adults and the inability of the authorities to instil and sustain discipline? By allowing large groups to patronise food stalls, they are culpable. Of course, it is important to revive the economy, but there is a right way to do it with stringent SOP compliance and self-discipline. Looking at the way people gather in public places such as the bazaar ramadan and other social events it appears we are back to normal pre Covid.

Home schooling has its benefits but it can’t replace classroom instruction. Moreover, not every child has the equipment and resources that the schools can provide. The issue of students without gadgets and connectivity has yet to be addressed. Home schooling brings hardship to working parents who are not able to provide sufficient attention.

Extra reporting and irrelevant paperwork given to teachers need a relook so that the teachers are free to teach and address the students weaknesses. It is high time for the Ministry of Education to engage with NUTP to discuss and solve problems together.

Let’s not deprive our children of the joys, the camaraderie spirit, the bonding and the good values that the school system is supposed to provide.



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