Don’t be discouraged if not given posts, Grassroot STAR leaders urged – Linggu

TUARAN: The STAR’s Tuaran Parliament Liaison Chief, Edward Linggu has called on members of the party to calm down and adopt patience despite some disappointments with local political appointments.


In a statement here, Linggu said he understands why many members who had struggle to help the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) campaign in the last election but were not appointed to positions in the state GLCs, Native Courts and village leaderships as was hoped for.

“However, let’s take a strong stance of loyalty and try to understand the situation in a rational manner,” he said.

“There were many reasons why certain ground leaders were chosen while others were not. In part the positions were limited to be shared by several political parties while those wanting positions were many. And qualifications, suitability and seniority had also to be considered.”

Linggu who is also the Strategic Director of STAR reminded members and supporters of STAR that there are more objectives for STAR to work for, including to wrest away the parliamentary seat of P170 Tuaran from the opposition in the next election.

“As a former assemblymn for Tamparuli, I fully realize the need for unity and corporation to achieve the next victory, regardless of who the GRS candidate will be.

t the moment STAR is on a winning streak with so many of our YBs appointed to the state leadership, with our president YB Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Jeffrey G. Kitingan at the top as the deputy chief minister and also deputy chairman of Perikatan Nasional,” he added.

“The collective objective of the GRS is to strengthen the state government and to contribute to the country’s development and progress by joining the federal cabinet.”

He called on all members, not just those in Tuaran, but all members and supporters throughout Sabah to rally behind the STAR’s president who had since the 1980s struggled hard, and suffered a lot, for his fight for Sabah’s rights and autonomy.

“Let’s also take note of DSP Dr. Jeffrey’s advise to all members that we should all now behave as leaders and members in the government,” Linggu said.

“He has advised us to leave behind the old approach as if we are still in the opposition.”

Linggu assured that the STAR’s struggle will continue to help the federal government to rectify problems in the implementation of several provisions of the MA63, promises in the 20 Points, to seek higher royalty for oil and gas, to realize the 40 percent share of Sabah’s revenues and so on.

“We strongly stand behind our prime minister, YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and are totally behind the leadership of our chief minister, YAB DSP Hajiji Hj Noor,” he stressed.

“We believe in building a new Sabah under the chief minister who is determination to administer with justice for all Sabahans with the spirit of “Sabah Maju Jaya”.

“Let’s also remember that our party president is working hard for Sabah as well as for the welfare and progress of the party members. Let us all trust his wisdom, strength and skill to fulfill our dreams in the new Sabah.

“So all members, including us in Tuaran, should now stand firm and proud, and march forward with confidence for a much better future. It’s really not the right time to give up when we are strong and moving forward.”

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