Is the new generation of youth in Malaysia interested in politics?

By Remy Majangkim, MA63, Activist, Tutor, and Historian


KOTA KINABALU: There is a great deal of distrust and scepticism towards politicians and political parties. Their policies and actions over the years have created such disdain, a phenomenon happening all over the globe and in Malaysia as well.

According to a recent survey, a majority of millennials aged between 27 and 42 have shown disinterest in joining political parties. Surprisingly, even those who have a family member or an association with any political party are not interested in participating in politics.

In the State of Sabah, a wave of senior politicians who belong to the baby boomer generation, aged between 60 and 78, have emerged from retirement to lend their support to a recently formed political party or coalition.

They bring with them experience and a wealth of knowledge that may impact our political landscape. Most of our politicians who remain in power are within this age group.

It is important to consider what the future holds for the next generation of politicians. As they prepare to take on leadership roles, they must be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to govern effectively and ethically.

It is also important to ensure that they do not perpetuate the same abusive and non-conforming policies that have enriched some individuals through insider manoeuvring. By instilling a strong sense of integrity and a commitment to serving the public, we can help shape a new generation of politicians who prioritise the needs of their constituents above their own.

But that cannot be done overnight, as learning takes time and keen eyes with an open heart for critical thinking. Your degree is a piece of paper that shows your achievement in a different field. In politics, winning an election, managing your constituents, and leading your people require learning different sets of skills.

To acquire such skills, one must continuously learn and acknowledge their importance. Being honest and truthful is of utmost importance, and it is essential that one walk with confidence and armed with these qualities. As individuals, we should stay true to ourselves and believe in our abilities to achieve our goals.

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