Sabah UMNO advocates moderation and rejects politics of extremism

SANDAKAN: Beluran UMNO deputy chief Benedict Asmat has refuted the claim made in the social media post titled “UMNO Politics is Unacceptable in Sabah” that UMNO represents barbarism and bigotry, especially considering the recent sock controversy.


Stressing that the notion is inaccurate, he said Sabah UMNO firmly believes in the values of moderation and rejects extremism, which are fundamental to the party’s mission in Sabah.

“We embrace and honour the diverse ethnic groups that make up our state. It is important to emphasise that we condemn any form of extremism that seeks to sow division among our multi-ethnic population.

“Just like the people of Sabah, UMNO members in Sabah value peace and harmony,” he said.

Asmat asserted that Sabah UMNO, led by Datuk Bung Moktar Radin, is committed to ensuring that all residents of Sabah, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, can coexist peacefully.

As such, he said it is unjust to dismiss UMNO’s presence in Sabah based solely on an isolated incident involving socks on the peninsula.

Rest assured, Asmat said Sabah UMNO remains dedicated to upholding the constitution and preserving peace in this state.

“We are disappointed by those who have used this issue to unfairly criticise Sabah UMNO in the lead-up to the state election.

“We urge the people of Sabah not to be swayed by baseless accusations and to recognise that our local leaders are working tirelessly to promote unity and progress for all,” he said.

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