ESSCOM committed to revitalising the reputation of the ESS zone as a thriving region

KINABATANGAN: ESSCOM is committed to restoring the image of the ESS Zone as a safe and prosperous area at the international level.


Commander of ESSCOM, DCP Datuk Victor B. Sanjos, expressed this commitment in his remarks during the launch of the ESSCOM Community Engagement Session in the Kinabatangan District at Dewan Sri Lamag recently.

“ESSCOM has proposed to the government to change the current red-coloured map of the ESS Zone to white and rename it a prosperous area to enhance confidence that the East Sabah coast is safe for everyone.

“In addition, ESSCOM is also planning to invite foreign ambassadors to visit the East Sabah coast and experience the beauty and prosperity of the ESS Zone,” he added.

Approximately 300 residents of the Kinabatangan district attended the engagement session.

The purpose of the engagement session is to study the acceptance of the community and target groups in the sectors of trade, business, fisheries, tourism, and education towards the renaming of the Movement Control Order to the ESS Zone Prevention Control in Sabah, analyze the effectiveness of the implementation of the directive, identify existing threats, and assess the direction in terms of reducing the ESS Zone Prevention Control area in Sabah or abolishing the order entirely or in a hybrid manner.

Furthermore, this study will also examine alternative mechanisms to replace the directive if a decision is made to abolish its implementation.

In this regard, Victor encourages the residents of Kinabatangan to respond to the survey on the ESS Zone Prevention Control study so that the study conducted yields comprehensive results for the benefit not only of Sabah but also Malaysia as a whole.

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