UPPM proposes the Annual Iftar Charity Programme to be an annual event

BELURAN: UPPM presents the ‘Programme Amal Berbuka Puasa’ as an annual event following the successful implementation of its inaugural organisation during the month of Ramadan.


According to Director Datuk Awang Kadin, almost every supported location of this programme has received positive feedback, demonstrating the community’s willingness to assist those in need.

In addition to this programme, they will also explore other forms of assistance, such as distributing wheelchair donations to individuals with disabilities who require such support, he said.

“We have noticed that each location of the Programme Amal Berbuka Puasa has unique needs, so UPPM aims for this event to serve as a benchmark for providing appropriate assistance to them.

“We will include this programme as a regular event for UPPM in the future… Subsequently, we will share the list of individuals who require further assistance with the Department of Social Welfare for further action,” he stated during the Iftar event held on Thursday.

Awang Kadin made another proposal to enhance this programme, which involves organising communal gatherings to provide iftar meals at suitable locations in the future.

“This is a long-term plan for UPPM. Through this programme, we will enhance the iftar event to strengthen the bond between both parties.

“Furthermore, this allows UPPM to directly witness the challenges faced by rural communities while striving to provide the necessary assistance in the near future,” he added.

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