State govt agrees to allocate funds to build a new water intake in Kabang Papar – Hajiji

PAPAR: The government has agreed to immediately allocate funds for the construction of a new water intake facility in Kabang, near here.


This decision aims to provide a long-term solution to the water supply issue in the area.

However, Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor did not disclose the exact amount of the allocation.

He stated that further details would be provided once the official application is submitted by the Sabah State Water Department and the private water supply operator, Jetama.

Hajiji emphasised the necessity of constructing another water intake facility due to the existing facility in Limbahau occasionally being contaminated with saltwater, which affects the water filtration process.

These remarks were made after Hajiji led the state government leadership team to visit the Emergency Water Supply System (EWSS) Treatment Plant in Limbahau, Papar, and inspect the proposed site for the second water intake facility in Kampung Kabang, here today.

Hajiji said the Sabah government takes the water supply issue faced by residents in various areas of Sabah seriously, particularly due to the dry weather and the El Nino phenomenon affecting the entire state.

However, Hajiji said that not all districts are experiencing water shortages.

In light of this, Hajiji urged all Natural Disaster Committees at the district level to be prepared for any possibilities, including the need to deliver water to affected rural areas.

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