More volunteers, NGOs expected to join the Iftar Charity Program throughout Sabah – Awang Kadin

SEMPORNA: There will be an increase in the number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporate companies, and volunteers working together to support the Iftar Charity Program in Sabah.


Datuk Awang Kadin Tang, the Director of the Community Development Leaders Unit (UPPM), highlighted the importance of utilising the Ramadan month to assist the less fortunate in society.

He stressed the collaboration with various government agencies to identify the necessary aid and target groups.

“This strategic approach aims to streamline the distribution process for more effective assistance to a wider range of beneficiaries.

During the Iftar Charity Program event here, Awang Kadin encouraged more volunteers, NGOs, and corporate entities to join the initiative and help those in need.

He also expressed the hope for entrepreneurs’ involvement in expanding the program throughout Sabah.

Additionally, he proposed organising communal activities to provide Iftar meals to village residents as part of the program.

Datuk Dexter Lau, the Director of Kim Teck Cheong Consolidated Berhad, echoed the sentiment of collaborating with NGOs and volunteers to reach more disadvantaged individuals in the state.

Lau welcomed the participation of more volunteers to ensure the success of the Iftar Charity Program in Sabah.

As an example, he mentioned breaking fast with over 400 residents, providing them with assistance to alleviate their burdens during the preparation for the next day.

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