GRS component parties to use a single symbol in the next PRN: Hajiji

TUARAN: The upcoming state election (PRN) will see the GRS component parties utilising a single symbol – GRS, according to Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Hajiji Noor.


In light of this, Hajiji emphasised that the GRS component parties should carefully consider the larger perspective by fielding candidates who have the potential to win in the upcoming state election.

Hajiji, who also serves as the chairman of GRS, said that it is not the appropriate time to engage in seat lobbying.

He said, “After all, we will all be using the GRS symbol. Therefore, it is not solely about the seats, but rather about selecting candidates who can emerge victorious.”

“I hope that all our leaders will utilise their wisdom in continuing the struggle for the people and the development of the state,” he told reporters during the breaking of fast event for the Sulaman division of Parti Gagasan Rakyat Sabah (PGRS) at the Rumpun Bajau Sama Cultural Center in Lok Batik, held on Saturday.

Hajiji also reminded the leaders of PGRS in Sulaman to persist in their struggle and cooperation at the grassroots level.

“This is highly significant considering the challenges we are facing,” he reiterated, highlighting that the current term of the State Legislative Assembly will conclude in October next year.

As the President of PGRS, Hajiji emphasised the importance of grassroots leaders connecting with the people on the ground, comprehending their concerns, and bringing them to the attention of the top leadership.

The Sulaman Assemblyman said the existence of over 200 branches in his area, indicating strong public support for PGRS, which is gaining momentum.

“All of this can only be accomplished if we stand united. Let us avoid trivial and personal matters and instead concentrate on the bigger picture, which is the necessity for a stable government,” he asserted.

He further acknowledged that the current political landscape is increasingly challenging and at times illogical.

“They (the opposition) even resort to blaming me (Hajiji) on social media for the drought that has affected Sabah,” he revealed.

Nevertheless, Hajiji emphasised that all leaders and party members must adhere to principles and wisdom.

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