Consider distributing potable water to affected residents during Ramadan, David Chan urges the GRS govt

KOTA KINABALU: The GRS government is urged to consider extending aid by distributing potable water to impacted individuals who are incapable of obtaining safe drinking water throughout the period of fasting.


In making the call, David Chan, the president of the Sabah West Coast Wise Consumers Association, said many consumers have expressed concerns about the inconvenience of having to transport water from a distance to prepare food and clean utensils every festive season.

He highlighted the need for clean water during Ramadan for Muslims to break their fast.

He emphasised the importance of ensuring that residents do not have to go through the trouble of fetching water from afar for their daily needs.

Instead, he suggested that the State Water Department should always maintain sufficient water levels in storage tanks to cater to the needs of the community.

David stressed the importance of regular monitoring by JANS staff to ensure that residents have access to clean water without any delays.

He also called for strict measures to prevent traders from exploiting the situation by raising the price of bottled water.

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